Monty's Work

Monty Norman's creative output during his long professional career as a singer, composer, lyricist and writer was prolific.

With a string of hit stage shows, recordings, TV and film scores to his name, Monty worked with some of the top names in the business and received numerous awards and industry accolades. In 1989 he was honoured to receive from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors (BASCA) the highly coveted Gold Badge of Merit, for Services to British Music. Later he was also delighted and honoured to receive a special Ivor Novello Award for composing the James Bond Theme.

Singer (mid 50s to early 60s)...

Big band

Cyril Stapleton Orchestra.
Stanley Black Orchestra.
Ted Heath Orchestra - London Palladium Sunday Concerts.

Many guest appearances and broadcasts with: Harry Parry, Nat Temple, Edmundo Ros, Nat Allan, and many more.


Dozens of TV appearances and broadcasts in Variety shows, resident singer in weekly Hit Parade series. Resident singer in That Old Black Magic series.


Topped or shared 'top of the bill' with Benny Hill, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Worth, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy James, Tony Hancock, Jimmy Edwards and Max Miller.

Composer, lyricist, writer...

Make Me an Offer 1958

Opened at the Theatre Workshop, Stratford East. Transferred to the Albery Theatre (New Theatre) in the West End and ran for one year.

Winner of the Evening Standard Award for "Best Musical".

Director: Joan Littlewood
Music/Lyrics: Monty Norman/David Heneker
Book: Wolf Mankowitz

Expresso Bongo 1958

Ran 1 year at the Saville Theatre in London's West End. (Considered by most as the first 'rock and roll musical). Agent Johnnie discovers Herbert Rudge playing bongo drums in a coffee bar in Soho and signs him to a management contract. Renamed 'Bongo' Herbert and fitted out with a loud, rhythmic song called 'Expresso Party', the boy quickly becomes a fashionable success.

Music: Monty Norman & David Heneker
Director: William Chappell
Lyrics: Julian More, David Heneker, Monty Norman
Book: Wolf Mankowitz & Julian More

In the screen adaptation starring Cliff Richard, Expresso Bongo percolates with an intoxicating brew of coffee shops, delicatessens, penny arcades, and strip joints.

Irma La Douce 1958

Ran for five and half years at Lyric Theatre (1512 performances). In 1960 the show opened at the Plymouth Theatre on Broadway where it ran for a year and half (524 performances). It subsequently went on successful US and world tours.

Music: by Marguerite Monnot
Book & Lyrics: Alexandre Breffort
English Book & Lyrics: Julian More, David Heneker & Monty Norman
Producer: David Merrick
Director: Peter Brook
Choreography: Onna White

Tony Nomination Best Musical.

Songbook 1979 & 1981

Ran at the Globe Theatre, West End for one year and at the Morosco Theatre, Broadway.

Music: Monty Norman
Lyrics: Julian More
Book: Monty Norman and Julian More

Tony Nomination Best Book in a Musical.
Evening Standard Award Best Musical
Laurence Olivier Award Best Musical
Ivor Novello Award Best Musical

Poppy 1982/83

Royal Shakespeare 'adult pantomime' musical. Ran over a year at Barbican Theatre and West End Adelphi Theatre.

Music: Monty Norman
Director: Terry Hands
Lyrics book: Peter Nichols

SWET (Lawrence Olivier) Award Best Musical
Ivor Novello Award Nomination Best Musical

Other Stage Musicals (Limited Seasons 1964-1988)

Quick, Quick, Slow

Based upon an award winning TV play.
Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
Music: Monty Norman
Lyrics: Julian More
Book: David Turner

Stand and Deliver

Based on an Eighteenth Century Highwayman Musical
(Also known as Jack Shepherd)
The Roundhouse, Camden, London.
Music and lyrics: Monty Norman


Watford Theatre Royal Christmas musical.
Music and lyrics: Monty Norman

The Perils of Scobie Prilt

Oxford and Prague
Science fiction spoof musical.
Music: Monty Norman
Lyrics book: Julian More


Based on 'The Wise Man of Chelm' stories.
Citizens Theatre Company at the Cochrane Theatre, London
Music: Monty Norman
Book: C P Taylor

Collaborators (1957 onwards)


Julian More, David Heneker, Wolf Mankowitz, Margarite Monnot,
Alexandre Breffort, Adrian Mitchell, Lew Stein, Peter Nichols.

Directors and choreographers

Peter Brook (Irma La Douce, Perils of Scobie Prilt)
Onna White (Perils of Scobie Prilt, Poppy)
Billy Chappell (Expresso Bongo)
Joan Littlewood (Make Me An Offer)
Val May (Belle or the Ballad of Dr Crippen )
Jonathan Lynn, Gillian Lynne (Songbook)
Terry Hands (Poppy )
Peter Dewes (Quick Quick Slow)
Wendy Toye (Stand and Deliver)
Charles Marowitz (Pinkus)

Film music (1960s)

Call Me Bwana - Bob Hope

Theme song and part score.

Expresso Bongo - Cliff Richard

Songs from stage musical.
A Lawrence Harvey film.

The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Theme song.
Val Guest and Wolf Mankowitz film.

The Two Faces of Doctor Jeckyll

Theme and score.
Hammer film.

Dr. No

First James Bond film starring Sean Connery and Ursula Andress.



Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele, Paul Scofield, Count Basie, Jack Jones, Bob Hope, Shirley McClaine, Edie Gorme, Ron Goodwin, John Barry Seven, Percy Faith, Mantovani, Stanley Black, The Shadows, Frankie Vaughan, Chico Hamilton, Henri Salvador, Moby.


Irma La Douce (UK cast, album), Irma La Douce (US cast, album), Expresso Bongo (cast album), Make Me An Offer (cast album), Belle (cast album), Songbook (cast album), Poppy (cast album), Dickens of London (TV score), The Voice of the People (Israel Music Anthology), Dr. No (film score), Completing The Circle (current album).

TV scores

Dickens of London, Who Is Sylvia?, The Battersea Miracle, Fly on the Wall, Belle, A Bit of Discretion, Make Me An Offer, Quick Before They Catch Us, Cure for Tin Ear, Against the Crowd.